I am Benjamin Andrew Mitchell — born and bred in Columbia SC. I follow Jesus, love my wife, run with F3Nation, and I design.

The work




A little about Benjamin

My life

I'm a designer, living and working in the heart of South Carolina — with my beautiful, wonderful wife Bethany (who is an amazing photographer). We have the best family & friends that money can't buy — #blessed. I have a BFA degree in Graphic Design from the University of South Carolina and a great job at Trevett’s as an in-house designer and creative director.

In a nutshell

I love (with all that I am).
I believe (in Jesus Christ).
I drink (way too much TEA).
I bike (but I'm not a cyclist).
I design (to help others).
I am Benjamin (husband,
son, brother & friend).


NOTE: Objects are in no particular order and may or may not be drawn to scale :)



University of South Carolina : : 2006 — 2010

BFA Studio Art: Graphic Design Concentration - 3.84 gpa
Minor in Music


Trevett’s: Web Design Print Mail : : 2011 — Present

Creative Designer

Microstaff IT : : 2009 — 2010

Design Intern

Chick-fil-A : : 2005 — 2010


Current responsibilities

Managing all client design projects (branding, print campaigns, web design, mixed media, etc.), copywriting, managing social media, plus internal marketing, and web design.

Skill Set

Adobe programs, to the right, are listed in order of use. Illustrator, Photoshop pretty much never close on my machine — plus InDesign if I'm working in print or Dreamweaver if I'm working with web. Occasionally I will do some mild video editing in Premier or After Effects.

The scale reflects my skill level and comfort in each program based on what I know they are capable of.


AIGA Student President - University of South Carolina : : 2010
Competition Winner - South Carolina ETV Scene Magazine : : 2010
Competition Winner - Initiative for South Carolina’s Future : : 2010
Scholarship Winner - Outstanding Achievement in Studio Art : : 2009
Valedictorian - Columbia High School : : 2006


AIGA : : 2010 — Present


To chat about design or life...

Email me at bamcolumbia@gmail.com.

To get started on your next project...

Call or visit me at the office // 803.781.3150 : : trevetts.com
Trevett's: Web. Design. Print. Mail.
6065 St. Andrews Road Columbia, SC 29212